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El Reino Infantil is a global entertainment brand that focuses on creating and distributing family-oriented content. 

Our kids’ content network has over 240 million subscribers on YouTube across ten languages, featuring the world’s most-viewed Spanish channel with 64 million subscribers.

The key to our success on YouTube lies in our expertise in building digital IPs explicitly tailored for kids. These are real hits characterized by captivating music and engaging narratives.

We develop not only pioneering digital experiences in the market but also links between online and offline in a digital world.

This preschool series centers around the vibrant and imaginative Pili, a young girl with boundless imagination and a heart full of adventure. Each episode sees Pili “flying” her imaginary plane to different corners of the globe. Her journeys are not just about exploring new places; they are also about learning from the diverse friends she makes along the way. Pili Pilota is designed to inspire curiosity, teach cultural awareness, and instil a sense of global citizenship in young minds.

Target: Upper Preschool (4-8 years)

Volume (pilots): 6 Music Videos & 6 Episodes

Languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese

Technique: Animation 2D & 3D

Wadoo is a groundbreaking series set in a magical world inhabited by adorable, mythological creatures attending a unique preschool. What sets this preschool apart is its focus on environmental stewardship. Each episode presents relatable stories and fun adventures that teach preschoolers the importance of caring for our planet. The show blends entertainment with education, offering an early introduction to environmental awareness and responsibility.

Target: Upper Preschool (4-8 years)

Volume (pilots): 6 Music Videos & 6 Episodes

Languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese

Technique: Animation 3D

Zenon’s Farm is an interactive CG series for preschoolers where music, songs and adventure are a delight for the little ones and the entire family. 

Our dear farmer, Zenon, is the one in charge accompanied by his dear animals and family. Zenon’s Farm represents life in a simple and fun way; the country customs, the love for animals, and the good care of the earth.

Values such as friendship, love, luck, clumsiness, optimism, pranks and many adventures, are the main focus of this series.

With every difficult situation, there will be a solution! Going between reality and the imaginary from a funny and playful point of view, at the farm everything is possible and trouble is faced with fun, creativity, adventure, and above all, lots and lots of rhythm. 

Target: Preschool + Families

Volume: 9 seasons of MV, + episodes 100 of Let’s Play and new content in production! 

Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, Rumanian, Korean, German, Hindi, French, Russian

A universe full of cute little bugs, all very curious, happy and eager to have fun! In each episode, the “Bichikids” find themselves in new situations just like children do. They also go discovering little by little, and in fun ways: textures, fragrances, foods, sounds, music, dance and certainly, friendship. In this manner, they learn to interact with the world that surrounds them. Life in this group of friends with all their adventures and games, helps teach the little ones to experiment, developing their motor and cognitive skills, playability, repetition and learning capacities; always solving problems thanks to the values of how to learn empathy, imagination, adaptation, curiosity and self-confidence. 

Target: Preschool + Families

Volume: over 70 episodes! 

Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, Rumanian, Corean, German, Hindi, French, Russian

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